Have you pinned lately?

A few weeks ago the husband started using Pinterest. I had visited the site every now and again when I felt the need to look at some eye candy but never thought much of it. The last thing I needed was another site to keep up with. Or so I thought.

Since I’ve only had the use of one hand these past few days and I couldn’t very well write lengthy blog posts while a very irritable baby pulled at my hair, I thought of browsing the site a little to brighten up my days. Now I’m addicted to it. So that makes Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and Pinterest I’m keeping up with. I usually visit them mostly at night when the kids are asleep but Pinterest has had me stuck to the screen every chance I could get.

It’s a treasure trove of inspirational images and has spurred me on to look at the mirror (which I’d been avoiding for the past few months) and fix an appointment at the hairdresser’s. I am also determined to start doing yoga again (the classes I was attending last Autumn had been stopped but will hopefully start again soon). If I used to wake up at 5.30am to fit in a 20 minute session every morning when I was still working at the shop, then I can do it now too.

What about you? Are you on Pinterest? If you aren’t, go and have a look. You might find it’s the perfect place to escape from the stresses of everyday life like I have.

Tomorrow my hair should be close to this colour. Yay!
I tend to braid my hair a lot to keep it out of my face...this is a style I'll be trying.
I've started wearing makeup again...not all the time but most days. It makes me feel so much better about myself.
Pinned Image
I'm starting to like green a lot. It's become Robin's trademark colour. I also like this outfit a lot...the vest is great for nursing, the bag can double as a nappy bag and I love the watch. The perfect accessory? A cup of coffee of course!
Ah how I miss yoga.

PS – I didn’t take note of the sources for the first, third and fourth photo. If you happen to know the source please drop me a line and I’ll credit duly.



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  1. Yes I joined recently and it is great fun. I haven’t yet used it to its full potential but I got some great ideas for the wedding thanks to it 🙂

  2. I’m not on it, but my food haa been pinned which is pretty cool. 😃 I’m afraid if I join I’ll never get any work done.

  3. It’s so addictive, isn’t it?? Ben, the founder, gave the most inspirational talk at Alt. He seems like the most contemplative, genuine person. I really enjoyed meeting him. (Doesn’t hurt that we grew up in the same town! 🙂 ) Makes me want to pin even more!

    • Hey Katie, I’ve been reading the follow-up blog posts on Alt and EVERYONE is waxing lyrical about Ben! I’d love to have heard his speech. You’re very lucky to live that side of the world, if only because you get to meet such inspirational people.

  4. Awesome post, I wish I could do my hair like that

  5. I absolutely LOVE LOVE Pinterest. I am very addicted and now even have 34 board, 1461 pins haha. Its crazy. But there is so much info on there- recipes, decorating ideas, fashion etc. Its endless really. I’ve wasted many hours on the sofa in front of the tv at night on this site. Whoever came up with it is brilliant- I used to have so many bookmarks on my computer, now I have a whole site dedicated to it :o)

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