The day I was a bitch

How has your week been? Mine has been a blur of nappies, medicines to be administered and the four walls of our living room.

It’s been three days since I left the house and then it was for an hour to do the grocery shopping before rushing back home. Yesterday I had a meltdown. At six in the evening, I hadn’t yet showered, my hair was all greasy and I was still in my pyjamas, carrying Robin with a numb arm. I hadn’t spoken to an adult in almost 24 hours and I felt like I was going crazy. The husband had been out since four in the morning when he left for work, after which he had a photographic assignment to go to. I ended up shouting at him for taking so long the minute he stepped through the door and I practically ordered him to go out again to buy Robin’s medicines and tons of biscuits. He obliged, bringing with him a Chinese takeaway and all my favourite biscuits. I felt like a monster for taking it out on him but he was as sweet and loving as he always is. Sometimes I wonder whether God had a hidden agenda when he sent him in my life. *sigh*

In other, rosier news, Robin is finally getting better. She’s still not completely over it but at least she has stopped wheezing and is her usual playful self again. We are planning to go for an overnight stay at our favourite hotel on the island tomorrow, to reunite with darling Maia and our closest friends. I know I’m going to go back to struggling with coping with both girls very soon, but tomorrow can’t come soon enough. I’m missing my Koukla too much. I can’t even go to sleep at night at the thought of not having her in the next room. I have also decided that this separating the girls business has to stop. Fine, the infection which forced us to separate the girls this time was contagious so it was the wise thing to do, but I can’t spend so much time away from my girl again. I feel like I’m just floating around aimlessly when one of them is not with me.

Oh yes, I had almost forgotten…I’ve finally dusted off my yoga mat and I’m doing 10-20 minutes of yoga a day. It’s not much but on days when I don’t take some time to do it, like yesterday, I pay the price for it. Most of the time I do a few poses next to Robin on her playmat while she’s playing. She thinks it’s the funniest thing she’s ever seen and giggles when she sees me stretching into a pose. And speaking of children and yoga, I’m looking into books and dvds about yoga for children. Call me crazy, but the more I learn about it, the more I realise how beneficial it is for both mind and body. So why not raise the girls with that awareness?

How do you de-stress? Do you manage to have some ‘me’ time everyday?

Now that's a cute 'cobra'!

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