This weekend

This weekend we were finally reunited with Maia. I keep looking at her and welling up. It finally feels like everything is the way it should be…clingy baby, six-year old who questions everything I say, a very busy husband and stiff necked me. Good times!

So on Saturday we went to our local Kempinski for an overnight stay. We met our dear friends and proceeded to sit around chatting, snoozing and sharing baths (the children, not the adults). Then my friend and I attended a yoga class. It happened to be a beginners’ introductory class so we were itching to do more but couldn’t. We did do a few sun salutations while the beginners gawked at us, but we both wished we could have worked a little more. Even so, my neck was seizing up before the class but was back to normal an hour later.

The rest of the weekend was spent eating, catching up and, in my case, writing. It was pure bliss, even though my night was broken by Maia’s insistence on hugging me all night and Robin’s being woken up by her sister’s protests when we moved her to her bed.

Next time I hope to go alone with the husband, whenever that might be. Read that, love?

Robin loved the family-sized bed! She looked tiny on it...which is saying something.

How to waste time when you should be working.
Ladies of leisure.
Back home at last.


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  1. I love your grey wooly top! And you were resting, so you were entitled to skip work 🙂 Robin – scrumptious as ever x

  2. Thanks Jo, though the top is actually a brown dress but you can’t really tell from that silly photo. 😀 The work had to wait till night time. I wrote a total of three sentences there!

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