Hello Granny!

Today she tried a piece of Granny Smith. I thought she wouldn’t like the slightly sour taste, but she loved it! She used her two tiny teeth to scrape at it and was all smiles…until it slipped out of her hands. She started crying and shouting, so I got her another piece which she went on to suck and scrape with her teeth again. Then she got really frustrated for no apparent reason. I couldn’t console her so I took the apple out of her hands and then all hell broke lose! She was beside herself, crying, screaming and gasping for air! The only way I managed to calm her down was by breastfeeding her. I guess some habits will die hard…


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  1. someone sure likes her apples! lol (she’s SO cute!!!)

  2. I love the colors in the image – green chair, green apple, rosy pink cheeks and sweater. šŸ™‚

  3. There was an article in the supplement with yesterday’s papers about BLW. It claimed that BLW leads to healthier babies who are less likely to be overweight because they won’t be used to everything being sweet (like baby food tends to be).

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