This weekend

After my meltdown of last Friday, I received many messages and emails from friends, family and even strangers offering me words of comfort and assuring me that what I’m feeling is a normal part of learning how to juggle life with more than one child. Thank you once again for your support. You really helped me see things more objectively and to actively seek a solution to the problem. I need to write when I’m overcome by emotions and sometimes forget there are people out there reading my rants.

So, the rest of the weekend was spent with both girls. We played, danced, coughed, read books, played Snakes and Ladders and Connect 4 and watched all the videos of Ok Go on YouTube. It was good and it ended on an even better note when the husband arrived back home. As luck would have it, he’s sick too! But you know what? We’re going to show these germs who’s boss and we’re all going out for a hot chocolate. If we all have to be sick, at least we’ll be sick together.


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