The week of catching up

Can you believe it’s already Friday?! How has this week been for you? Ours has been a week of catching up. We’ve had a lot of that to do. We avoided playdates with friends and any other commitment that required us to leave the house so we could do just that. There are many things I’m grateful for, but few will ever beat seeing how much the girls love each other. It melts my heart and takes my by surprise every time. Maia is proving to be a fantastic big sister. She constantly watches out for Robin (even telling me off for not watching her all the time), plays with her, entertains her, cuddles her and tells her “Aren’t you the cutest baby in the world?!” about five hundred times a day. Needless to say, Robin looks up to Maia and just hearing her sister’s voice in another room gets her so excited that she has to call out to her. *sigh*

Today carnival weekend starts. Those who know me know how much I detest these five days. I know many are surprised that I don’t love to dress up (or barely get dressed at all, as seems to be these days’ unspoken rule) and act all silly around the main town. I’d rather spend another month locked up at home without seeing a living soul. But this weekend isn’t about what I like or hate. I’ve got a neon fairy to dress up for her school carnival party and she wants me to dress up too. May the force be with me!

Maia and I had a mother-daughter date. I told her she could have whatever she wanted and this is what she chose. An ice cream AND a hot chocolate!
The sugar overload resulted in a sugar rush that lasted about four hours, at which point she crashed and became all weepy. Lesson learnt.

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  1. That is the biggest hot chocolate that ever was!

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