The librarian

Late last night I found out that Maia’s school librarian had passed away. She had been taken ill a year ago and we hadn’t seen her since. I was recently told she was very unwell but, somehow, I still expected to see her back at school. The news of her death has really saddened me.

My faith teaches me that she’s in a better place now, free from the body that was causing her so much suffering. So I’m happy for her because I believe that this life is just a prelude to what really counts. What I’m sad about is the loss of such an amazing person. People are often praised after they die but she was always praised even while still alive. I’ve never seen such a dedicated librarian and teacher, except in films maybe. She knew all the children by name and took an interest in each of them. She had a soft spot for Maia and would stop me in the street or come to the shop when I still worked there to tell me what an intelligent and sweet girl she was.

I just broke the news to Maia, not wanting her to find out at school when she goes back tomorrow. She was on the verge of tears but seems to have understood that she’s in a better place now. She hadn’t seen her in a year and yet she remembers her as if we’d just seen her yesterday. That’s how loved she was.

May her soul rest in peace and may her legacy live on in our school and through the many students she educated.


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  1. :˜-(

    I will miss you my dear friend!

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