This is my winter of discontent

It has happened again. Maia’s sick, I’m sick and Robin is starting to cough too. Good times.

If I’m a little quiet it’s because I’m busy coughing my lungs out, picking up tissues from every surface and disinfecting toys. I hope your week is looking better than ours.

You know she's unwell when she falls asleep on the sofa. In her kitten makeup.


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  1. Hi Maureen,

    I was just wondering if you’ve tried homepathic medecine to keep the sniffles at bay?? Not sure if you can get this type of medecine over there… If you can, try something called L52 – It’s a tincture that you put in a glass of water a few times a day and it really helps you to fight off colds and also helps colds go away faster!

    • I’ll definitely look into it, Loretta. I heard that Tac-Cawla Pharmacy stocks homeopathic remedies but don’t know if I can while still nursing R. Clare, thanks…it’s the downside with having a child who goes to school and brings back all these lovely germs.

  2. meh. just one of those winters 😦 it’ll be over soon! x hugs

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