Oh my darling Clementine

This wasn’t a big success. She was obviously unwell but I thought she was just tired. A few hours later she got a fever and the doctor’s diagnosis was that of laryngitis (which I’m not so sure about seeing as she’s been screaming her head off most of today).

I was OBSESSED with clementines when she was still inside me so I thought she'd love them.
"What am I supposed to do with this?"
She was obviously not keen on trying it...and her sister just made things worse by distracting her every few seconds.
She just discarded it without even tasting it. We'll have to try again when she's better.


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  1. So annoying when they do that lol. I’m like “at least lick it before you decide you don’t like it!!!” aaagh. Emily just sucks on satsuma segments, then discards the skin.

    I had thought the same about Emily and mango, since it was my fruit of choice throughout the pregnancy. Nope. Theory disproved lol x

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