This weekend

We drank hot chocolate.
We rediscovered puzzles which had been collecting dust for the past two years.
Even the mice came out to play.

Maia and I are almost completely well again…just a few sniffles and the occasional cough. Now it’s Robin who’s not too well. And so it goes on…Maia gets sick from school, she gets me sick (surely I should have mum immunity, no?) and then I get Robin sick. This past week has been endless. The worst was having both girls running a fever, feeling like death myself and the husband being at work at night. Thankfully my mother insisted on spending a couple of nights with me so I could stop running from one bedroom to the other, trying to keep an eye on both girls. She’s the best.

What I’m learning (the hard way, may I add) is that I need to let go. I have to accept that I cannot control everything. The children will get sick. Robin will be sick much more than Maia was at her age…it kind of comes with the younger sister job description. We’ll be stuck at home for weeks on end. That much I can’t control. What I can control, however, is the way I approach these less than perfect weeks. These past few days were actually quite nice…I spent a lot of time playing with Maia (and I mean, really playing, not just going through the motions absentmindedly while planning dinner), spent a lot of my time staring at Robin’s chubby cheeks while she napped in her sling and soaked up as much sun as I could through the living room windows.

Not the kind of week or weekend I had in mind, but not too shabby either. How about you, friends? How is this winter treating you? Am I the only one getting sick every other week?



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  1. I hope you’ll all be fit to meet up in Easter-time 🙂 Till now, we’ve been safe from the sick bug, but as you may have noticed I had the crappiest week ever. Things are looking better though x

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