The celebrations project – The Year of the Dragon

One of the best things about having kids is rediscovering the world with them. I’ve always been fascinated by different cultures but when I was Maia’s age, the only books I could read were those I borrowed from our only library on the island at the time and the selection wasn’t exactly exhaustive.

These days things are different. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of information we’re bombarded with all the time so I can only imagine what it must feel like for a six year old. So I’ve decided to start a little project with her and eventually include Robin too when she’s old enough. I want the girls to grow up with the awareness that we are only a teeny tiny island in the middle of a sea which is surrounded by continents. The world is big, the cultures are many and I want them to be curious about all of them and to be respectful of the diversity which makes the human race so amazing.

What we will do is mark celebrations from different cultures and religions, either by crafting a decoration, cooking a special meal (or even just one recipe) or whatever else we decide to do to join in the festivities. Whenever we celebrate a particular event, we will read about it too and we will also look up pictures so Maia will be able to understand further what the whole fuss is about and who the people celebrating that day really are, where and how they live.

The first event we decided to mark was the beginning of the Year of the Dragon. It took us some time to get our act together but we finally finished the dragon we had set out to craft out of plastic cups. I am pinning all the ideas I find and like on Pinterest, if you want to have a look at them.

It would be great if you could join us in our little project! What other days would you celebrate with your child and how would you celebrate them?



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  1. What fun, that’s a great idea!

    Cinqo de Mayo 🙂
    St. Patrick’s Day!!

  2. As a mother of a half Maltese,half Dutch boy out here in the Netherlands I thought I’d share my favourite Dutch celebration.
    The 30th of April is a public holiday, Queen’s Day. It was originally the day of Queen Juliana’s birthday, but the present Queen decided to keep it is the official Queen’s Day because her birthday is in the Winter.
    Most adults celerate by wearning orange lions on thier head and getting very, very drunk, especially in Amsterdam, but in one part of Amsterdam and in most of the provinces it is slightly different. Every community uses this day for a good springclean by having the largest secondhand market of the year, everywhere!
    In the Vondelpark, children are encouraged to part with some of their belongings or they prepare games and performances. Brothers and sisters playing renditions of ‘Oh when the saints” on their recorders and violin in perfect seriousness and in terrible tune. Little boys putting mats out, showing us their skill at breakdancing (or lack of it). It takes courage to put yourself out there and show what you can do, or learn how to let go of objects which were once loved so somebody else can enjoy them.
    I am a huge fan and am always brought to tears but the earnestness of the these children.

  3. Great idea! we’d like to join in!

  4. As Christine said I would add 30th april (Queen’s day in the Netherlands) and maybe also the American or Canadian Thangs giving.

  5. What an absolutely fantastic idea! x

  6. What a fantastic project! My girl it´s too little for this, but I can´t wait to do that kind of activities with her when she grows up.. no rush although 🙂
    Rocio from although;

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