To party or not to party?

My little girl turns 7 in exactly a week. I just realised how close the day is and I’m screaming inside. A week?! Seven?! I know it sounds cliched but, really, where has the time gone?

This year we’re taking the girls away to celebrate Maia’s birthday. Her biggest wish is to see the snow, so we’re going to do just that. It might sound strange, unbelievable even, to most of you but it will also be my first time seeing the snow. At the grand old age of 35! Anyway, since we’re going to spend quite a bit of money on said trip, we decided not to have a party. Now, you all know by now how I love birthday parties and the thought of skipping Maia’s seventh isn’t going down too well with me.

So I’m wondering what to do. Any ideas? Suggestions? What would you do?



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  1. throwing a party shouldn’t involve spending a lot of money…although most of us mums end up doing just that.
    as far as i can see her birthday present is already the trip and seeing the snow.
    you can invite her friends and prepare some fruit, some homemade sandwiches. a pizza to cut in squares and a cake that you can make at home or ask some talented relative to help!! ;P
    as to games all children need is themselves. otherwise why don’t you pack an extended picnic and invite everyone to the swings or to a beach and celebrate there for a couple of hours!! you are so lucky to live in a place where this is possible!!

  2. I was going to suggest precisely what Daisy’smum above did! you don’t need to go overboard, … you can always invite some two or three close friends or cousins who are the same age. Since both my husband and I come from large families, … this is what we did most of the times. … as for the cake …mmm I do know a talented relative of yours who is just gr8, from what I’ve seen online!

  3. Just like the two ladies suggested before me, you don’t have to make her party an elaborate thing. You can invite her cousins, close friends, have some sandwiches and pizza, a cake and some games ready, and I’m sure she’ll enjoy it! Happy birthday pupax

  4. As an alternertive to the above suggestions….though all 3 are perfect….make the best of the weather that has just turned so right…. and head to the beach with a picnic and a few friends and their mums. That way you only prepare food for just a few people and don’t have to also mind the kids of others…. you’re already over stretched with Robin as things stand. The plus side is that you will also have maybe a couple of minutes for some adult conversation too thrown in… I’m sure that anyway you go about it Maya will love and you will both love the snow ;-)))

  5. You’re daughter and my mom share the same birthday! How fun that you all are going to go see the snow!

    My son turned 6 last month and I felt just like you, where did the time go?

    Enjoy your day!

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