This little bundle

There’s no denying this winter has been a tough one. What with my weekly meltdowns and three full months of sickness (and expecting more), I’ve had days, weeks even, of not being able to see the positive.

Then come days like these past few, when Maia is especially affectionate and lives up to her role of big sister. And then there’s Robin. Sweet, chubby Robin. She has stolen our hearts and keeps surprising us each day that passes. Her favourite things to do these days is clap while saying “Wawa” (I’m guessing it’s her version of “brava”), hiding her face when she hears the words “Where’s Robin?” and waving at everyone she meets. She has also started pulling herself up on her knees and getting ready to crawl on all fours but is still getting around by shuffling on her well-padded bottom.

Most of all, she’s just being the most loveable bundle ever. Ok, enough gushing.


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