Headaches, dentists and ferries, oh my!

Yesterday Maia didn’t go to school. I was being overcautious because she had complained of a headache the day before and the last thing I wanted was for her to get sick AGAIN and for the weekend holiday to be ruined. I needn’t have worried about her feeling unwell. She was an energy bomb all day.

What I hadn’t foreseen was the ferry company phoning me a couple of hours ago to inform me that our trip was moved from 7am to 5am due to strong winds and that we had to be at the port at 3.30am. That means leaving home at 12.30am so we can catch the ferry to the larger island at 1.15am. I also lost a tooth filling, which means a trip to the dreaded dentist in a couple of hours.

Not the best of days, but I am trying to keep calm and be thankful for the seven beautiful years of motherhood God gave me and see these hiccups as an adventure.

We spent some time playing and this was the game we spent most time (and energy) playing.
It had us hopping, jumping, twisting and stretching.


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