This weekend

I won’t even write a sentence about Saturday. It was a long, busy day and I was ready for bed by 8pm. My exhaustion was quickly forgotten after a couple of hours catching up with my closest friends who came over from the larger island for the weekend. That’s two sentences about Saturday.

Ok, on to Sunday.

You have to know that every 8th of March since Maia was born (with the exception of the year she turned 4) has been stormy, including the day she was born. So when the forecast for this weekend was all sun and warm temperatures, we had no doubt we would do something outdoors to celebrate our girl’s 7th. We decided to spend the afternoon with Maia’s godparents, who happen to be the friends I mentioned earlier and my sister and her husband. Dear reader, it was perfect. Just perfect.

My camera has just died on me so I’ll share with you a few photos my husband took (which are far better than mine, as you can imagine).

She wanted a Charlie and Lola cake, even though that was last year's party's theme. My sister came up with this beauty.



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  1. beautiful photos and omg that cake!!!!!

  2. looks like fun! makes me feel sad for spending a whole weekend in the office! did baby robin taste any of the cake? 🙂

  3. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! What a perfect day for Maia. And a Lola cake! It’s perfect! Did you make it?? I love everything about this picnic.

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