Some days…

And after three weeks of perfect weather and days out  frolicking in the sun with my babies and my man, comes a day like today.

Robin has started coughing and wheezing again, thanks to a runny nose Maia got a few days ago which has obviously been passed on to the little one. We’ve had two consecutive quasi-sleepless nights while the husband is away at work and I’m in a right state. As I write this, Robin is sleeping in my lap and Maia just went to school crying. Her tears were brought on by my being a complete nightmare this morning. I yelled until my throat hurt. She wouldn’t have her cereal, then she wouldn’t have the crackers she asked for as a second option, she took AGES to put on her shoes saying they felt different and I couldn’t get her hair the way she wanted it. I ended up sobbing on her bed, asking her to forgive me and to please be nicer to me and cooperate a bit more. On days like today I feel like a complete failure.

The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that better days will come.

image via Maddie Cloud on Pinterest


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  1. Oh no Maureen! We ALL have days like that. You are no failure by any means. But, ugh! That has been one of the biggest challenges for me with kindergarten – getting that girl to MOVE in the morning! She naturally wakes up around 8am on her own, but i have to wake her up at 6am. If she’s gone to bed even a few minutes late, she spends the whole morning crying “But I haven’t had enough rest!” and curled up on the couch with her eyes closed until the very last possible second. Of course I feel bad for her but it is so hard not to get frustrated. Hang in there. Tomorrow will be better. 🙂 Love that painting by the way!

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