Our Easter

Most of our Easter holidays were spent at home, nursing two sick children. Honestly, it feels like the girls have been sick forever and poor Robin is coughing again, a mere week after she recovered from her latest cold. The doctors keep telling me she’ll be one strong girl by the time she goes to school, but does that mean she’ll be ill for the next two years? I feel really sorry for her but it seems to be inevitable.

On the up side, every time she’s unwell (which is every four weeks, more or less), she grows and learns new things at an impressive rate. I don’t know whether it’s the germs sparking up her brain cells or the fact that we tend to spend more one on one time with her when she’s poorly. In any case, during Easter week she started crawling, pulling herself up onto her knees (I thought it would take her longer seeing as she’s pretty heavy), calling the husband Papa’, started drinking formula milk once a day (and we’ve already had to switch to a hypoallergenic formula because it gave her a rash), pretending to speak on the phone if she hears the word ‘hello’ and one night she even slept for 12 solid hours (never mind the two sleepless nights that followed).

So now we’re back to nursing a not-so-healthy baby and willing summer to come quickly, even though I cannot stand the heat. How were your Easter holidays?

We're in the process of child-proofing the flat. About time you'll say, but try doing that with a seven year old who's already showing signs of hoarding!
Playing peekaboo with her sister's clothes.
Easter morning.
First time we left home after another week indoors.
Watching a film with cousins.
She spent most of Easter week catching up with her best friend while they dyed these eggs.
Playing the egg game.
And the winner is...
On an unrelated note, this girl's hair is totally out of control! I'm thinking of having a fringe cut. Also, how freaky is this photo? She looks like a wax doll!


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  1. Awwww! Maia looks so sweet with her egg. And I’m sure she was happy to spend the day with her bff. 🙂 And Robin would look like a sweet little doll with bangs (that’s what we call fringe). Our Easter was nice and quiet besides the part where our bathroom flooded and the landlord was fixing it for 2 hours that afternoon. :)But the Easter Bunny was very good to Abby and we spent the the day playing with her basket goodies. And I know we ate something springy, but I can’t remember what at the moment. Ha!

  2. Clara loved the photos. lovely moments, next year we’ll do the eggs better:)

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