Insomniac baby

How’s your week been so far?

We’re in the midst of some naptime and bedtime angst with Robin (as if Maia’s resistance to sleep wasn’t enough!). We have just noticed that she’s cut her third tooth (finally!) and she’s also getting used to formula milk, so those two might be contributing factors.

So while I read up on different methods to re-educate her to sleep on her own (the girl has put herself to sleep since birth but is suddenly finding it hard to nod off!), I’ll leave you with this week’s post over at Sunday Circle. ย [ps – I’d love to hear about your different experiences too!]



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  1. Mau, how old is she in weeks now? Let me know and I’ll check my Wonder Weeks book for you. If it’s a time of big mental developments, disturbed sleep usually goes hand in hand with it x

    • Thanks Clare! She’s 45 weeks old today.

      • yup, there’s an ongoing mental leap at 45 weeks that should be over by the time she reached 46 or 47 weeks.

        It’s called “Sequences” – it’s the point where they learn that certain actions go together. To eat with a spoon, you first need to grab the spoon, then put the spoon into the bowl, scoop up some food, bring the spoon to your head, then put it into your mouth (not your eye). They start to link actions together to reach a “goal” but they’ll often miss a step or two. At this stage, baby likes to feel needed. Certain attachment issues happen because of the huge development going on, she’ll need more reassurance that you’re there for her. (I’ve more or less quoted this off the book) ๐Ÿ™‚

        I know it doesn’t change anything but when Emily is playing up, knowing that she’s going through a mental leap often helps me to be a bit more patient with her, and it’s easier to remember it’ll soon settle back down. Hope that helps! xx

      • Thanks C! She’s got a lot to deal with right now plus all that you wrote about! Poor baby! I’m hoping she’ll be back to normal soon.

  2. Maureen, I’d like to find time to relate to you all about sleep patterns, teeth and sleepless nights, but since I’ve got deadlines to meet, it’s a bit difficult atm.

    I will be brief. My daughter at around the age of 11-13 months was going through a similar period as Robin’s. She slept for a couple of hours, then woke up crying and moaning for the rest of the night, she ate very little, mainly rice cereal because she had loose stools all the time, … got severe dermatitis/nappy rash on her bottom, …etc.

    At the time, we used to take our children to a pediatrician in Malta, … one day after work, seeing her so poorly, I decided we had had enough so set off to the larger rock and to the Doc for at least some relief. Upon examining her mouth, or rather gums, he told us that probably all was due to teething problems. He rubbed his thumb hard on her upper gums, she started screaming and wriggling, … and in no time, FOUR teeth cut through!!! Doc told us to give her calpol for a week or so before putting her to sleep, and said that things should improve.

    The Result – From that very day, she started sleeping through the night again, the next day she started eating normally, dermatitis was gone in a short time, and life resumed as normal!! It was just as if the switch was set to normal again – literally!

    So what Robin may be going through could perhaps be related, given her age. I think I would try to give her some kind of Calpol/Panadol on a night when she is particularly irritable and restless…

    In the meantime, find time for your own rest, or it will be difficult for yyou to handle here! Take care!

    PS – So much for my brevity! LOL

  3. Abby has never been the best sleeper so I can offer no advice. But I do know that right before developmental milestones, babies and small children tend to take a step back in some other area (temporarily). I noticed this with Abby. She would either get really cranky or would have more trouble thank usual before she started crawling, walking, increasing her vocabulary, etc. Also, the theme song from Charlie and Lola TOTALLY counts as music. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I think the fact she’s cutting some teeth, plus her starting to crawl, plus her poor health lately plus the weaning off the breast all contributed to this disruption. I’m (selfishly) glad to know I’m not the only mother to have kids who aren’t good sleepers!

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