Robin’s new look

Yesterday we decided it was time for Robin to have her hair sorted out. We knew she would be getting a fringe (or bangs for those of you in the States), so we could do away with the clips and the Pebbles ponytail too. What we didn’t know was how different she would look! We keep looking at her, catching each other’s eye and laughing.

She looked cute before but now she’s squash-worthy.

Waiting at the hairdresser's.
The cutting begins. Doesn't she look all grown up?
She wasn't too happy but didn't make such a fuss either.
The end result. She looks a bit like Amelie or Matilda here! We still have to get used to her new look but already love it!




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  1. Love it, what a big girl. You’ll soon not be able to remember a time when she didn’t have that fringe! x

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww! She looks sooo cute!!! She does look like a little Amelie! I love bangs (excuse me, fringe) on small children. So so cute. We did the same with Abby and she had bangs until last year when she decided to grow them out. Once they grew out, she looked so different to me. So grown up. The bangs do was her baby hair and no bangs is her big kid do. 🙂

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