The date

A week ago, the husband and I managed to go out for a couple of hours on our own in the evening. This would normally be called a date and, in fact, that was the idea behind the outing. We were celebrating four years of love. Four years since our first date at the very restaurant we went to last week. We hadn’t been to this restaurant since that fateful first lunch together, so we were both looking forward to re-living the excitement of that day. We were even wondering whether we would be able to sit at the same table. No such luck.

While parking the car outside the restaurant, we noticed our paediatrician’s 4×4 parked a few metres away. What a coincidence, we thought. As soon as we got out of the car, we heard the very familiar voice of another paediatrician who was walking behind us with two other persons. Why, this was worthy of The Twilight Zone! Then we reached our destination and any dream of having a romantic dinner at the same table where our story began flew out the window.

There were about thirty doctors (most of whom we know, since this island is tiny) mingling inside, a large screen set up at the end where ‘our’ table lies and three long tables set up for the whole medical party. What was left of the restaurant were four tables, two of which were already occupied. We almost ran back to our car in search of another place, but since the owner of the restaurant is a good friend, we decided to stay on. Boy, am I glad we did!

image via sarah kim on pinterest

The fun started when one of the doctors asked that the background music be switched off. I was a little irritated, partly because they had hogged the whole place and partly because now we had to suffer their loud exchanges without even having some music to drown the noise. I also wanted to make the most of those precious two hours alone with the husband, something that rarely happens these days.

We ordered our food and, just as the first course reached our table, all the doctors but one sat at the table and a presentation began. Thankfully, the restaurant owner had the very good idea of using the screen to act as a room divider. This also meant that we couldn’t seen what was being projected onto it, which I’m thankful for. Because what ensued was two hours of speeches about forensic medicine, encompassing suicide, homicide, accidents at sea and abuse leading to death. My appetite was undoubtedly dampened by what we were forced to overhear, but it made for the most entertaining dinner I’ve had to date. The husband and I were in fits by the end of the meal!

This is definitely one dinner I’ll never forget, but I think the doctors’ evening out demoted it from romantic date to dinner with a difference. Am I right in assuming we have technically not celebrated our anniversary yet and that another date is in order?



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  1. Lol this cracked me up! It reminded me of last year, when A and I went out for dinner in Gozo. There happened to be a baby’s one year birthday party there. We were one of only two couples who weren’t part of the party. We had to endure the dimmed lights, the presentation (which started off from when the mother went to hospital right through baby’s first year) and the ‘quccija’. The whole thing was one noisy affair, but it was funny 🙂

  2. Oh Lord you poor things, what an absolute anticlimax!! I think you very much deserve another crack at it lol x

  3. Seriously? The doctors chose a restaurant for a forensic medicine presentation? A restaurant that was open to other patrons! They should have rented a hall and had it catered. I’m glad you were able to see the humor in it – it is funny. But I just can’t stop wondering at choosing a public place for this sort of presentation. What if there had been children there? Or someone very squeemish? Or someone who had just suffered a loss? Incredible.

    • To be fair, the restaurant doesn’t usually open on a Wednesday, but they accepted us and the other patrons since they were already open for the doctors. They did warn us before we went in but I don’t think they realised they’d have a presentation about forensic medicine! 😀

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