Field day

Discussing tactics with her team mates.
Robin was keen to support her sister, even though she was wearing the wrong colour.
There she goes!

Having a well-deserved break.
Posing with her medal.

Yesterday was Field Day at Maia’s school, so her dad, sister and I went to cheer her on. Both the husband and I were surprised at the very low turnout of parents. Sure, most of them would have been at work at that time, but that still didn’t justify the handful of people supporting the children.

Anyway, Maia was on the coral team, which looked very pink to me but she insisted it was NOT pink. I know it sounds soppy, but I’m so proud of this girl. She has her moments, like when she insisted her hair be pulled back neatly at bedtime last night (as in gelled back), but seeing her giving it her all and discussing the races with her friends made my heart swell. I am both anxious and excited to see the person she will grow into.

Oh, and her team won the bronze medal! Go corals!


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  1. Wow, she looks so grown up in the 5th pic! Those eyes! Yay for the corals! She looks so serious. 🙂

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