Robin’s meals

As you may have noticed, our little Robin bird has a healthy appetite. She has recently started refusing pureed food orelse she’ll have a few spoonfuls and then start spitting it out and smearing it on her hair. On the other hand, her excitement at the sight of our lunches and dinners is so great she often cannot express it. One of these days I’ll have to video her and show you because I can’t express in words how hilarious her tensing up and nervous giggling is.

So she’s been tasting most of our food and I’ve also started preparing more solid food specifically for her. My problem is finding the time to experiment with new things. Not only is it difficult to find the time to look up recipes and actually cook them, but most of the time, there isn’t much time for her to be able to eat at her own pace and for me to clean her up afterwards (sometimes it requires a bath or shower). After having our lunch, we usually rush out of the house to pick Maia up from school and her dinner time is usually the busiest time of the day for me (preparing our dinner, helping Maia finish her homework, Maia’s bathtime…the list is endless).

I am, however, looking up various recipes both online and on cookbooks because there’s only so much bread and pasta a baby can have. Meanwhile, these have been some of her firm favourites over the past two weeks:

White bread sandwich with tomatoes.
Same as above, with a side of peas.
Shredded chicken…again with a side of peas.
Pasta with cream cheese (and the ever-present side of peas).
Banana remains her favourite fruit, although she has loved everything I’ve given her so far.
Cheerios…her snack of choice. She is OBSESSED with them.

She has also tried and loved cubed boiled potatoes, chickpeas, shredded pork, pasta with tomato sauce, fish and buttered toast. This weekend we’ll be introducing polenta and couscous too.

Any suggestions for more exciting meals are more than welcome! She will try anything and has never refused any food, so the more varied the better.



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    found this useful but eventually you don’t really have to cook separately for them. my son just turned 1 yesterday and he eats anything i cook… chicken, beef, salmon, pasta …whatever! good luck!

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