This weekend

How was your weekend, dear reader?

Ours was full of sun, fun and games. I wish all weekends could be like this one. Here are far too many  some photos from last Saturday and Sunday, and if you still haven’t had enough of my photographic skills, you can find me on Instagram (username: islandfairy)…

This sweet baby started standing up. She will stand for hours if allowed to. She has also discovered she has a sense of humour and will crack us (and herself) up at every given opportunity.
We didn’t have much time indoors to try new foods and recipes, but she did try sweet couscous. This will be kept as a treat since it is made using a spoonful of sugar. She loved it…and was hyper for the whole afternoon.
We went for smoothies at our favourite (and best) smoothie place on this island, Acaii (you can find them on Facebook). It is owned by a friend who is also my namesake, who is also our hairdresser’s sister, who is also one of the nicest persons I know. So nice she allows Maia to sneak behind the counter and touch everything in sight.
While we were there, we spent some time playing with pebbles.
Robin was transfixed by the pebbles. She’s never allowed on a beach since she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. However, those pebbles were pretty chunky and we had a dummy at hand, so with her mouth safely stoppered, I allowed her to explore the beach.
She couldn’t get enough of them, picking one up, putting it back, picking another and examining it… (sidenote: she’s FINALLY perfecting her pincer grip. YAY!)
And I can’t enough of her chubbiness.
Maia has been collecting pieces of bamboo, like we don’t have enough rubbish in this house. One of her current favourite books is Bamboozled by Dr Seuss and it really got her into pandas and bamboo.
Natalie of Nat The Fat Rat (you should read her blog…she’s so funny!) recently mentioned the cartoon Small Potatoes. Out of curiosity, I looked it up on YouTube early on Sunday morning. This was my view for over an hour…
(And I’ve been singing its signature tune for the past three days!)
The Sunday morning ballet workshops have been a huge success with Maia. She’s loving them and now they have moved on to Sleeping Beauty. Here she is casting a spell on baby Aurora.
(And in case you were wondering, yes, she did wear the same dress two days in a row. It’s one of her new dresses and she would also sleep in it if I allowed her to)
Sunday afternoon Maia and I sneaked off for some alone time while Robin napped at my parents’.
This is my childhood ‘pool’ where I learned to swim.

We wrapped up the weekend with the man of the family, again in Xlendi.
Oh, and this little Robin bird has cut another tooth! Six teeth baby!


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  1. Love your pics. Robin is just too cute a baby. Possibly one of the cutest babies I’ve ever met. And Maia is no less pretty than her baby sister 🙂

  2. so…great weekend you had:) so glad to catch up with what you have been up to. I have some photos of maia of when we went up Ta’ Dbiegi hill and picniced up there 🙂 some great shots of maia and clara.
    btw will chech out the Acaii 🙂 x

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