Meet Rose

Next week will be a very important (and stressful) one for our family.

My beautiful niece will undergo surgery once more, this time on her other ear (you can read more about her story HERE). She will get a cochlear implant in her left ear too, in the hopes that her hearing will improve further. She already hears, but only from the one ear which is already implanted. This obviously means that she cannot always tell the direction sounds are coming from, so hopefully the second implant will help with that problem.

Her language skills are coming along nicely now. She understands almost everything and will try to communicate using her words as much as possible. When she is stuck, she makes sure to get her point across using gestures and won’t give up until she is fully understood. She’s one clever cookie that one.

She recently fell in love with a rag doll from an online seller. The problem is that these dolls are like George Clooney. We know they exist, but it’s near impossible to get one’s hands on them. They are sold by ballot, so you must be very lucky to be able to buy one.

Now, my sister is not one to be deterred easily. She bid for six different dolls, setting her alarm clock for 3am each time so she could attempt to buy a doll for her daughter when the ballot opened on the other side of the globe. All her attempts were futile.

If I had been in her shoes, I’d have looked elsewhere for a similar doll but what does my sister do? She buys some fabric and thread and makes her own doll, of course! She stayed up, hand-stitching, till the wee hours of the morning for two weeks till her little creation was ready. And please note that this was her first ever attempt at sewing anything!

I’ve already waxed lyrical about my sister’s talent as a cake decorator (you can see more of her creations on her Facebook page, Cakes by Xar), but I have to commend her for her determination in making her daughter’s wish come true. Her incredible talent for anything artistic is evident, so I won’t even try to comment on that!

Meet Rose, our newest family member! Isn’t she adorable?

Rose will be given to Miki when she comes out of the operating theatre, so it will be a surprise. I wish I could be there to see her reaction!

Meanwhile, please send your prayers and good thoughts my niece’s way. She will need every bit of positivity in the coming weeks.



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  1. Wow that looks almost identical! Very talented 🙂 Best wishes to your niece x

  2. praying 🙂

  3. Wow! What a beautiful doll! Will keep little one in my thoughts xx

  4. Rose is absolutely beautiful and what a wonderful mum Xar is. It’s love like hers and determination that move us from set backs to triumph. Best of luck for Miki and my thougths are with her and would love to read the follow-up story of when Mike and Rose meet.
    – Mariane xxx

    • Thanks for your lovely words all. If only Miki can read all this love. Mariane, im speechless, dont know if i’ll cry or laugh. I apologise to you and to all professional sewing gurus out there. All i can say is I dont own a sewing machine, so you can figure something out of that. my face puts a red tomato to shame right now. Rose needs an MTTD friend…soon xx

    • Mariane! What an honour to read your comment on this blog! We’re big BIG fans of your work, as I’m sure you’ve already realised. Thanks for the sweet thoughts…one day Miki will read them herself and she’ll know how lucky she is. I’ll definitely write about her meeting with Rose, even though I won’t be there to witness it. And I hope to see one of your creations up close in the near future! x

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