This weekend

Aaand it’s Monday again.

How was your weekend, friends?

Ours was good. There’s always room for improvement, like having the husband with us all the time, but that’s not very realistic. Even so, our weekend was full of good moments and even though I didn’t get to sleep in or have breakfast made for me yesterday, I got to spend Mother’s Day with the two girls who made me a mum which is more than I could ever wish for. On days like yesterday, I can’t help but think of all the women out there struggling with infertility and all those mums who have been through the worst possible pain, that of losing their child. So being able to hug my daughters, take care of them and kiss them goodnight feels like a luxury I’m grateful for.

Here goes this weekend’s photofest:

We had lunch by the seaside on Friday. Robin LOVES ice cream but I feel guilty when I allow her to have sugary treats, so I’ve been compromising by giving her the biscuit that comes with it. She doesn’t complain.
Maia couldn’t wait to give me her Mother’s Day card so she did so as soon as she was out of school on Friday. This is the poem she wrote at the back of it. Honestly, where did her teacher get the letter O from?!
Saturday morning was spent mostly playing at home. Robin managed to get some climbing practice thrown in. I cannot lose sight of her for fear of finding her perched on a table or cupboard. Here she’s climbing on her poor sister.
We also took Maia to yet another ballet lesson. We waited mostly in the car, where I got sunburnt by the rays coming in through my window! Robin was sweaty but happy guzzling her water.
And eating her take-away lunch.
Saturday night we left the kids at home with our best friends and went to a wedding. The location was stunning, food was excellent and we laughed till we cried. It was good.
Yesterday was the first time Robin wore short sleeves this summer (because summer is most definitely here already). I couldn’t get over her chubby wrists! My heart melts!
We spent the afternoon playing games with cousins, best friends and godfathers who are the BEST entertainers outside Cirque du Soleil.

We caught up with best friends while counting down the days till summer holidays start and we can start living in each other’s pockets.
We spent a lot of time cuddling babies and catching up with cousins.
Especially this pretty cousin who leaves today for her next big adventure. We miss her already and can’t wait to have her back next week.
And, all the while, this little girl was either climbing some more…
…perfecting the headstand with her dad…
…or making the acquaintance of a purple dinosaur.
One of my favourite moments was coming upon this note that Maia wrote about the spinning top my parents gave her. She hasn’t quite mastered the technique of spinning it, but she obviously liked the gift.


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  1. really cool. prosit!

  2. Babies can wear short sleeves there? Yay!! Robin is adorable as ever and Maia is growing up into a little lady!

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