This weekend

Good morning! How was your weekend? I hope you didn’t blow away if you live on our islands. The strong wind, especially yesterday’s, ruined some of the plans we had but I cannot deny that I loved the cooler temperatures.

This is what we were up to these past three days:

Friday afternoon was spent at the playground. I had forgotten how queasy the swings make me feel.
Robin loved joining in the fun with her sister. She’s fearless that one.
The husband spent the whole of Saturday working (and when I say the whole day I mean the whole 24 hours, starting from before dawn), so it was just us girls doing girly things all day. It started with a lie in (I still cannot believe it happened), after which we rushed to enjoy the celebrations in our town, including face painting.
With ballet lessons out of the way, we deposited Robin at my parents so Maia and I could enjoy some alone time together. I was expecting them to call me saying she wanted me since I hardly ever left her with anyone but her dad, but I was wrong. They even took her to church and she loved it!
So Maia and I went to the newly reopened garden in our town, where we met one of her friends who happened to be there too.

Then we ran into an aunt of mine whom I hadn’t seen in years and she gave Maia a large bag of Twistees (which are something of a national treasure). We shared a few of them while strolling down the street.
And then she broke into a dance.
After working up an appetite with all that dancing, we decided to stop for an ice cream at McDonalds. I got talked into buying a Happy Meal too (which I had to eat), just so she could get a silly plastic toy. Call me weak, but I went along with it because she was obviously enjoying all the undivided attention. Then I remembered that Saturday was FOOD REVOLUTION DAY! I’m so bad!
We then came across a ride meant for toddlers, but she just HAD to have a go. By then I was a little annoyed with myself for being unable to say no, but then the ride went on to a choir of children singing in Chinese. I’m so glad she went on that ride…we were in fits of laughter for next hour.
This is when Maia turned to me and told me she was having the best day ever. I must admit it felt pretty good for me too to spend some quality time with her.
Yesterday was a different story. The strong winds forced us to spend the whole afternoon indoors. There was lots of reading to be done.
I hope the wind dies down some more so we can enjoy the outdoors as much as possible before it starts getting too hot.



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  1. Love the garden, where is it ?

  2. Oh thank you but from Malta is a little bit out of the way for me, I love reading your blog 🙂 I also have a Maya who is now 15 months old

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