Miki and Rose

Last night I wrote about how sharing personal information on social networks can backfire and land you in trouble. However, there is another side to the miracle that is the internet. It’s hard to put into words how overwhelming it was for our family to know how many of you were praying for and thinking about Miki last week. Your love was felt, not least by my sister and her husband. One day, little Miki will be old enough to read the loving messages that were sent for her and she will know just how special she is.

And, believe me, special doesn’t even begin to cover it. She’s an amazing human being. Her strength and resilience amaze me. She was born with a perfectly functioning pair of ears. She used to hear and had started to talk and then tragedy struck. And yet, she’s always smiling. Her overbrushed little teeth are permanently on show. She’s one of a kind.

Her surgery went very well and she’s recovering brilliantly. She’s very proud to be getting her second ear soon (switch-on is on Robin’s first birthday!) and is already firm friends with Rose, who was waiting for her when she resurfaced from the anaesthetic.

Today we’ll be welcoming them back home and we just can’t wait!



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  1. YEA!!!! Thanks for the update. So thankful all went well.

  2. Oh and look at those pearly white teeth too and her gorgeous smile. So glad all went well. xxx Mariane

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