Whoever knows me or has read my blog for some time will know that I have a handful of friends who happen to be gay. I love them. They’re the kindest, funniest and most honest people I know. One of them just drew my attention to a bill against homophobia which is being voted on in the European Parliament within the next couple of hours. Great, you will say. It is!

The only problem is that for every person willing to live and let live, there are others who make it their business to judge and make other people’s life a misery, simply because they feel that everyone should fit in a pigeonhole and conform to what they have been taught is ‘the norm’. That is why I’m urging you to SIGN THIS PETITION AS SOON AS YOU CAN (like, NOW!) so that we can let the MEPs voting know that the majority of the people are not close-minded bigots wanting to deny homosexuals legal rights just because they don’t fit into their pigeonhole.

What are your thoughts? Share them here!

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