Let’s start over

How’s the weekend going your end? Mine hasn’t been that rosy so far but I’m going to take a deep breath, count to ten and start afresh.

Until we meet again, HERE’S A LINK to the post I wrote this week for the Sunday Circle. It’s a subject I feel very strongly about and would love to hear from you about how you dealt or are dealing with this problem.

This heart hangs in our kitchen and it always surprises me how much its sight cheers me up.

Have a happy weekend and, to those of you in America, a happy Memorial Day!



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  1. I think every mom feels your pain! And every child is so different. When I married my husband his children were 2 and 3. In 10 years I’ve never seen his oldest have a tantrum. She’s just not that kind of person. His boy’s tantrums were easily dealt with. A stern word quieted him right away. Then we had our daughter and, I guess it was my genes, she has them all the time. Still. At 7 1/2. Oiy. We’ve come to the place where we tell her, everyone gets angry and frustrated. But it is not acceptable to be mean or disrespectful. So she goes in her room and screams and hits her pillow and cries and does whatever she needs to do. And then she re-joins us and speaks to us calmly. I figure I melt down sometimes when no one is looking. Who am I to tell her she can’t? So it became all about teaching her to melt down “appropriately.” So far so good. We’ll see what comes with the baby when he gets to that age! I think parenting is a whole lot of trial and error. It sounds like you’ve done just fine so far, figuring things out.

    • Thanks for your comment lazyhippiemama! It’s nice to know ours isn’t the only 7 year old still struggling to control her temper. I think a lot of it has to do with the parents’ (especially the one spending most time with them) attitude and temperament and I blame myself for M’s fiery temper. It does get better but it’s still distressing at times. Good luck with your baby! 🙂

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