Embrace the camera 31st May 2012

This is what happens when I try to take a photo with the girls. Maia poses, I try to look in the general direction of the camera (or, in this case, the phone) and Robin grabs my hair and claws my face. It might also be my fault for having given Robin a taste of chocolate cake a few hours before this photo was taken. She spent an entire afternoon speeding around the house, climbing on every surface she could reach and pulling everyone’s hair. I think it’s safe to say she won’t be having any chocolate for the next decade or so.



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  1. HaHa, life in the fast lane of motherhood. These days are long gone for me, now I am refereeing my 8 and 9 year old daughers as I try to take their photo. Blessings to you and your crew.

  2. u wish…lol

  3. Thats cute! Its just like my son and I when I try to take pictures near him. I’ve learned how to stand and let him play behind me to take a “decent” picture of us two 😉

  4. lovely photo, nonetheless!

  5. i love this! so real. 🙂

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