Weddings, parties, ballet…oh my!

What are your plans for this weekend?

As I mentioned earlier, we’ll be having a small party to celebrate Robin’s first year with us. Apart from trying to get the venue decorated in time (we might be having a small party, but we’re still big on decorations…and CAKE, obviously!), there are two weddings for the husband to shoot, two ballet lessons and one workshop for Maia to attend and a lot of deep breathing for me to practise.

I hope we’ll also find time to do some balcony drawing, which Maia is enjoying enormously and Robin is desperate to try her hand at.

Before I leave you, HERE’S this week’s post over at Sunday Circle. How did you deal with the anxiety (and pain) of labour? Are you going to give birth soon? If so, how are you preparing for the big day?

PS – If you still don’t Instagram, get the App NOW! It’s free and is now available for other android phones too, not just iPhone. What I love most about it is that even crappy photos look great thanks to its filters and it’s also a great place to discover and follow some pretty amazing and inspiring people. You can find me under islandfairy. I hope to meet you there!


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  1. instagram is not available on HTC wildfire phones meh

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