As birthdays go, this year’s wasn’t too shabby at all.

My mum offered to watch Robin for the morning so I could spend some time on my own relaxing. I had a leisurely coffee and croissant, read a magazine and window shopped. My sister surprised me with a small coconut cake decorated with my favorite flower, the daisy. We practically inhaled it!

The afternoon was spent playing with the kids at home. A friend whose children are older, handed us down some of her boys’ toys, which were a hit with the girls. And guess who got a new toy of her own? The husband gave me a spanking new iPad, mostly so we wouldn’t have to share the iMac which he uses for editing and I use for writing. It’s a lifesaver, but also a HUGE distraction!

Sweet Maia bought me a lipgloss and a Union Jack bag for life, both of which I love. What I liked most is that she made it a point to buy me things I would use and that I liked and she used her own money too. She also bought Robin a spinning top for her first birthday. I’m very proud of her.

Tomorrow Robin turns one. I can’t say more about the subject for fear of welling up and wetting my iPad. All I will say is that I am immensely grateful. I really really am.



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  1. Ok, I have to ask this: how are you updating your blog on the ipad? It is the one thing I haven’t been able to do. The app is crap and blogger doesn’t load properly on the browser. Do you have a secret I’m missing out on?? 🙂 #help!!!

    • Good question! I’m with WordPress, not Blogger but have the same problem. I can compose a post but it doesn’t seem to be possible to really edit it using the App (e.g. justifying the text, etc), so I had to finalise the post on the computer. :-/ Still experimenting though.

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