A party and a prediction

I have finally found some time to sit down and go through the few photos we have from Robin’s party. We usually end up with thousands of photos (I’m not exaggerating) whenever we have a party but this time we were too busy having fun. We also had to keep a close eye on the children who ended up swimming in the pool of the house where we had the party.

The cake, lovingly created by my sister. It looked like it had been completely stitched on!
Since the theme for Maia’s first birthday party had been Maia The Bee, we decided it would be fitting to have a robin bird be the theme of Robin’s first. She’s going to be an ornithologist at this rate.
We had pizzas made by our chef friend. Best pizza on the islands!
The cake-cutting. My sister will likely want to strangle me for posting this photo. She was either extremely happy/distressed we were ruining her cake or she was pulling silly faces for the kids. One of the two.

Being islanders, we couldn’t leave out the traditional Quccija. For the uninitiated amongst you, this is a sort of game where objects representing various professions are laid out in front of a baby on their first birthday. The item chosen by the baby is said to be the one representing their future career. Apparently you’re meant to have seven objects, the most common of which represent the medical and legal professions, a pen for a teacher, rosary beads for a nun/priest and an egg, which is meant to represent a house full of things (or prosperity or fertility, according to different interpretations). We went one step further and asked the guests to bring something that represented the job they would like Robin to do when she grows up. There was also a generous contribution by Maia, who insisted on including some items herself. So this is what we ended up with:

[Maia’s items] 

  • A purse: shopkeeper
  • Tweezers: beautician
  • Camera: photographer
  • Magnifying glass: private investigator
  • Ballet shoe: ballerina
  • Knitted doll: dollmaker
  • Finger puppet: puppeteer
  • Statuette: sculptor

[items brought by guests]

  • Wooden spoon: baker/cake decorator
  • Metronome: musician
  • Goggles and snorkel: scuba diver
  • Thimble: dressmaker/fashion designer
  • A gauge of some sort (no idea what it does): engineer
  • Calculator: accountant
  • Ice cream scoop: owner of an ice cream parlour

[items chosen by the husband and myself]

  • Book: publisher
  • White board marker: teacher
  • Egg: full house/prosperity
  • Money: entrepreneur
  • Paintbrush: artist
  • Pen: writer
  • Wooden spoon: chef
  • Pen drive: IT-related job
  • Stethoscope: medical profession
  • rosary beads: a religious life

As you can see, everyone got pretty creative with their choices!

She spent AGES eyeing the objects. She got so excited that she spent the first two minutes squealing with delight and smiling maniacally.

After what seemed like an eternity, she inched closer to the inviting goodies and picked up the egg.

She looked pretty sure to me…

At that point there was a collective exhaling in the room and everyone started cheering Robin for being such a clever girl. This startled her and she quickly placed the egg back in its place, which was interpreted by some of the guests as meaning that she was undecided. So we let her have another go.

This time she had another quick look around and headed straight for the metronome. Yay!

Conclusion: Robin will be a successful musician who will make bucketloads of money. Go Robin girl!



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  1. The cake is perfect – I expect nothing less from Charmaine of course 🙂 And way to go for the choice, Robin! You’ll def be the coolest kid on the block 🙂

  2. Hahaha I suspect I know who got the metronome :). That cake is so beautiful !!!!!!!! WOW and HURRAH for musician with loads of money. Good choice little one hehe

  3. That cake!! Absolutely beautiful 🙂 And I like the way you set out the ‘gifts’; she seemed to have got a good look at them all.

  4. The Ninja Mommy June 14, 2012 — 12:31 pm


  5. heqhim (clears throat) if you look closely Robin was looking at me to give her the approval to cut the cake, so i encouraged her to go ahead 😛 after all I wanted to taste the cake too 😀 hurray for ROBIN!!

  6. I can’t get over the perfection of that cake!!

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