This weekend

Robin has shown a marked interest in all things dangerous. I can’t even pull up my hair in a pony tail anymore for all the white hair I’ve got.
In a bid to minimise the trips to hospital as much as possible, Maia taught her sister how to get off high surfaces safely. She can now slide off the sofas and the beds without breaking her head.
She makes up for her adventuring by being an excellent eater. It’s a pleasure to see her eat, relishing each bite of whatever she’s offered. She is now eating the same food we do and hasn’t yet refused any food.
Saturday was a crazy busy day with present buying, a birthday party, hours of swimming, ballet lessons and catching up with friends. The husband and I managed to squeeze in a drink of Cola at McDonalds after he finished from work and before he had to dash off to shoot a wedding. So Sunday we made up for the crazy schedule which is keeping us from seeing each other and spent the whole day stuck at the hip. We even had breakfast together, which hadn’t happened in a VERY long time.
We also celebrated Father’s Day at my parents’ house. My sister baked this cake for our dad, showing him and us plus our two brothers. I loved it!
But most of all, we celebrated this fine specimen of a man. He was born to be a dad and is doing an amazing job with our girls. I’ve said this before but I’ll never tire of repeating it: he’s the kindest person I know and I’ll be forever grateful that he came into my life but even more grateful that my children get have him as their father. We love him.


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  1. the camera battery charger turned green, you sure she was not trying to change the battery?

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