How’s your week going? It would seem we’re making up for the one day of leisure we had last week because it’s GO GO GO here! While I finish some urgent work and try to meet a deadline, I’ll leave you with a few images of things that are on my mind right now, in the tiny space left that’s not bursting with information to be processed.

Getting the kids’ room sorted. It is currently still Maia’s room, so it’s not very baby-friendly. We need to put up the art I’ve been accumulating for them and we also need storage (what’s new?). One day we’ll also have bunk beds…and child number 3, perhaps?
In a couple of days I’ll be dyeing my hair again. Hallelujah!
When I feel overwhelmed by life, I look at mums like Stella McCartney. She works, looks incredible and has FOUR children. Sure, she’s got the money which I don’t have, but really, how do they do it all?!

I hope your week is a little less crazy, especially if you live on these islands, blessed as we are with this unbearable heat.


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