School is out!

Is it really Friday already?! I kept meaning to write this week but I honestly had no time. We’ve been wrapping up the scholastic and dancing year, I had a couple of demanding proofreading jobs to submit and the heat is already unbearable on the islands. I swear, the temperature must be over 40 degrees Celsius in my car and unfortunately there was a lot of driving around to do. Thankfully, today was Maia’s last day at school and she had her ballet exam two days ago, which means we’re free as birds! Yay! I’m sure I’ll be hitting my head against the wall within a few days, trying to keep two kids entertained and cool but I’m looking forward to using the car the least possible.

Since I’m trying to eat two ice lollies while writing this, I’ll leave you with a few pictures from my Instagram feed which summarise this week (I’m islandfairy). Speaking of which, it’s great to meet more of you on IG! It’s such a great way of keeping in touch, much more eloquent than Facebook (I’m a little over Facebook, preferring images to senseless banter). There are also so many inspiring people over there, but I’ll write more about that in another post because the ice lollies are melting…

Maia finally got a battery-operated toothbrush, something she’s been asking for for a long time. They seem to be unheard of on this island, so when I found one with Tigger on it I bought it. She refused to use anything Pooh-related but then tried it out. She’s been brushing her teeth 3-5 times a day since!
The girls have always been close, but their relationship is really flourishing now. They love each other to bits and play very well together, even though there is a six year gap between them. This makes me very very happy.
Robin is an early bird. She is up and about at around 5.30am, the same time I wake up. I wasn’t too pleased with it at first but now I’m enjoying our breakfast together before Maia wakes up. I’m falling in love with this little girl all over again.
This is Maia’s hair, neatly pulled in a perfect bun for the ballet exam. Her teacher patiently undid the bun I had previously made and redid it. I wish I had taken a photo of the bun I had made for comparison (er…there’s no comparison!).
Yesterday I spent a full three hours at the hair salon getting my hair dyed and cut. I feel like a new person.
We took this photo this morning on our way out to school. In case you were wondering, they had some Olympics celebration going on at school so they had to wear a coloured top. Can you tell she’s as excited as me to start her holidays?
This girl is not only big in size, but also has a big personality. She is so funny! This is where I found her this morning while I was washing the dishes.

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