This weekend

This weekend was perfect in every way. For once, the husband wasn’t working or taking photos or editing so we had him to ourselves for a whole two days! That calls for celebration in our house and celebrate we did.

We hardly spent three hours at a stretch at home, bar a lazy Sunday morning. By last night, I was feeling so happy and grateful for my family that it reduced me to tears…happy tears. This is a fraction of what we did (the rest of the time I forgot to take photos, which is a good thing, right?):

We kicked off Maia’s holidays with a heated tournament of Hungry Hippos. Robin was umpire. I still don’t know who won.
Most of Saturday was spent on a friend’s boat and Robin had her first ever swim. She loved it! I had no doubt she would since it’s a daily struggle to get her out of the bath.
Maia is perfecting her swimming techniques. She is a late learner by our standards and it worries me to know she’s still not a very confident swimmer. When you live on an island, swimming is a vital skill to have.
Saturday evening was spent at my sister’s place, celebrating her husband on his birthday. He’s an amazing uncle to my children, especially to Maia, for whom he’s always been there. This barbeque also turned into a family reunion, with both my brothers and their families (except for one nephew) being present. This rarely happens, so a lot of fun was had and Robin was passed from one relative to the next the whole evening.
Sunday morning was spent playing with the girlies and encouraging Maia to get creative. Here we were playing Draw The Tail On The Giraffe. The husband won the contest, with Maia coming a close second. I failed to draw the tail anywhere close to the giraffe.
The reunion continued on Sunday, with a big lunch at my parents’. Pictured here are one third of my nephews/nieces!
I hadn’t swum on Saturday, preferring to chat with my friends on the boat instead of braving the cold sea. I had my first swim yesterday afternoon with Maia, who is suffering from a bad case of hay fever, for which the doctor prescribed a lot of swimming (in the sea) as a cure. I had forgotten how much nicer it is to swim in the sea. If only the jellyfish would leave our beaches alone!

How was your weekend? Have your summer holidays started yet?



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  1. Gah you’re making me want the sea!

  2. My kids love the game hungry hippos! your photos are very relaxing.

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