I am still learning how to use the iPad to its full potential, and by that I also mean that I am trying to find a way not to lose every single drafted document and blog post I have saved on it (if any of you use the WordPress app on iPad, please let me know!). Everyday I discover some new application that promises to make my life easier and more interesting and, so far, I’ve struck gold with a  menu-planning app and various applications which children can use to draw and create their little works of art.

One of the latter is called Muse and is by far our favourite ‘game’. What it does is provide you with blank canvasses and fragments from various famous paintings which are housed in museums around the world. Then you choose which pieces to use and put them together on a canvas to create your own painting. These are some of Maia’s latest works:

She called this one The Museum.
Save Me!
The Very Strange Hill

When you are done with a painting, you can go to each fragment and read up about it (artist, date, museum). Maia is keeping note of the ones she really likes so she can eventually visit the museums where they are displayed. Luckily, most of her favourites seem to be in Holland, which is a country I have yet to visit. She might provide the perfect excuse for a getaway to the Netherlands!



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  1. If she falls in love with any in the US, I’d love to play tour guide. 🙂

  2. I was wondering about the IPAD, it looks great and all, but is it good if do a lot of typing or is it more cumbersome? I love the Muse app, so fun and educational! I just got back from Holland not to long ago, it would be worth the trip

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