As I write this, Robin has been napping for 3 hours. This is also her second nap today. What can I say? It’s hot. Very very hot. We’re used to these torrid temperatures but the poor baby still struggles to keep her eyes open in the afternoon heat.

So, anyway, I was left with three whole hours to myself (Maia is at a friend’s and the husband is working) and what do I do? I check my iPad every five minutes to see whether Instagram is back on, that’s what! Today I realised how pathetically addicted I am to it. I also realised that the last time I used my camera was over two weeks ago, which would have never happened before I fell in love with Instagram. Anyway, I had better put away the sea of toys cluttering this room before the little one wakes up.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this week’s post on Sunday Circle. I hope I’m not the only one struggling to decide how much is too much when it comes to extra-curricular activities for the kids. What are your thoughts? I’d love to know how you or your friends and family decide when enough is enough.


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  1. A year or two ago we found ourselves in a place where everyone in the family was miserable every morning at the prospect of all the things we had to do that day: work and school, church, girl scouts, dance lessons, soccer practice, theater class…. that was when we knew it was too much. No one was enjoying any of it any more. We backed off and picked the things that our daughter and/or we thought were most important to us and left the rest behind. Some days are still busy, but some days we have time to sit back and relax. I think we are all better and happier for no longer trying to be over achievers.

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