A day at the hospital

As I write this, Robin is snacking on Cheerios in her hospital bed. We’ve been here since this morning, after I found an Olbas Oil vaporiser refill in her mouth. Luckily, she didn’t swallow it but the pediatrician suggested I take her to hospital to have her checked out. So I woke Maia up and rushed them to the A&E.

An hour and a half later, we were shown to the pediatric ward and were told we’d have to stay here for at least six hours so they could keep an eye on Robin to see whether she had been poisoned.



Six hours have passed since I wrote the lines above and we’re now back home. The mess of toys strewn on the floor has never looked so welcoming! Robin was given the all clear by the doctor. Not only did she eat and drink more or less normally, she was also all smiles and giggles with the medical staff and she didn’t show any symptoms of poisoning. She is now getting some much needed sleep. Between the early start to the day, all the excitement of this morning and the skipped morning nap, she was knackered.

As for me, I’m nursing a headache and would sleep till tomorrow morning if I could, but mostly I’m just grateful. I’m grateful that our little adventure ended well and also for having spent most of the day in an air-conditioned room before returning to the furnace that is this island at the moment.



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  1. I’m glad she’s doing fine x

  2. Oh Lord, how awful 😦 Glad she’s ok though. I think a glass of wine is called for (for you!!) tonight 😉 xx

  3. So glad she’s okay. When our eldest was about 3, we thought he may have sampled the holly berries from the bush. I called poison control and we kept an eye on him. A few days later I found him drinking Miracle Grow – a plant fertilizer. Another call to poison control. Thankfully Miracle Grow is not poisoness and they did not send out Social Services to take our children away from us for not keeping a better eye on him.

    I’m sure your heart was in your throat most of the day. Sleep well.

    • Thanks Jill, I am still baffled at how she managed to open the vaporiser and get the tab out…all in the space if less than a minute! I just got the breakfast dishes from the table to the kitchen and that was it. I’m going through the whole flat again to make sure there’s nothing else she can get into!

  4. Sorry. That shound have been “poisonous.” Brain fart.

  5. The Ninja Mommy July 11, 2012 — 11:15 am

    I found my daughter drinking Jeyes cleaning fluid the other day! Holy mother I panicked, and we got her downing milk and I called the poison hotline..Lucky for us, it was not the drain cleaner, but a surface cleaner which has more irritants than anything…a bit of an upset tummy and she was fine! She is three and she had never been vaguely bothered with going into cupboards..but in a split second it happened! Big hug!

  6. How scary those moments must have been. So happy everything ended good

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