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As I write this, Maia’s calling me to play with her…yet again. I wrote about how I’m struggling with her constant cries for attention this week on the SUNDAY CIRCLE. Have any of you had the same problem with their first-born? Some days I feel like screaming in frustration and so does she. I hope we’ll both manage to find a balance some day soon!

As always, any suggestions for a happy compromise are more than welcome!



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  1. Monica Portelli July 14, 2012 — 2:43 pm

    There are people who love their own company and are just as happy to be on their own, and most likely they were like that even as children. Other people can’t stand to be on their own, they need the company of others, and most likely Maia falls in the latter category. It’s just the way she is, and although it could be draining for you, I’m sure that she can’t help it. She just wants to share with you what she’s thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing, experiencing….because otherwise she’d not be herself, and also because probably that’s how she’s gotten used to do things. She’s a social-girl, I’m sure she has many friends at school. Am I right? I think you also have to be quite delicate with this. You can agree about a ‘ secret password’ between the two of you, and then you choose to give her the go ahead for her to speak or not. Remember how we used to play ‘May I?’ (something along those lines). You can also categorize situations, for example if something is really, really important and can’t wait then that’s RED, so she has to tell you and you have to listen, if something is less important then it’s ORANGE, and if it’s just for fun or a silly remark then it’s YELLOW, and she’ll have to learn to prioritize. I used to do this when I taught 6 yr olds, because they want to talk about everything at anytime. So I gave them cards, 2 of each colour and they were careful not to ‘waste’ them. This worked well in the classroom, but I’m not sure if it works at home. You can try. Goodluck, I know how draining such a child can be, I have one like her, but he’s growing older now, and he seems to be getting his answers less and less from me 😦

  2. She loves you!!! A whole lot. As she gets older she may ask for you less and you might start to miss it =P

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