The week of living dangerously

These past seven days have been a mix of drama and stifling heat. Robin was single-handedly responsible for all the drama.

It started with a fall (or maybe I should call it a dive) from the sofa, landing face-first on the coffee table. One week later and the black eye is finally fading. Then there were two days of fever, with no other symptoms to make some sense of the raised temperature. Needless to say, getting the temperature back down to normal wasn’t easy in the heat we’re experiencing right now. After the fever left her, she decided life wasn’t worth living without some more excitement, so she saw to that last Tuesday.

As I mentioned, the heat around here has been unbearable. We’re used to long hot humid summers but the temperatures we’ve been having this past week were way above average. They’ve been hovering round the 40 degree mark everyday and the high humidity just makes it worse. Unless you are lucky enough to be spending your days sitting in an airconditioned room, which we aren’t, chances are you’re sweating profusely and risking dehydration with every move you make.

That’s why the girls and I have been spending our days indoors with two fans pointed directly at us and water bottles being filled up every hour or so. When cabin fever hits, we visit my parents or our best friends down the road but outings have been limited mainly to the evening.

Other than playing in the bath to cool down and living in our underwear, this is more or less how we’ve been spending our days:

Creating stories with Maia, then typing them out on her typewriter (Maia, not me).
Dreaming about Paris and our next holiday there.
We’ve been having indoor picnics.
Dance parties are a staple with Maia, even when it’s this hot.
Old toys have been dug out.
Maia has insisted on doing our makeup almost everyday.
She has also been helping with the cooking.
Someone has taken a couple of steps on her own but prefers to support herself. She’s not ready yet but will soon be…
We’ve read all our books over and over and over again. I think it’s time to get some new ones!
Mostly, we’ve been giving sticky hugs to each other while counting the hours till the man of the house comes home from work. Because that’s when the real fun begins.


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  1. Monica Portelli July 14, 2012 — 1:33 pm

    a game my boys and I enjoy is ‘towel roll up’ (we actually use a bed sheet). And this is how you go about it. Have the child lie down across the width of a large beach towel that is spread out flat. Roll the child snugly up inside the towel with the child’s hands either in or out of the towel. When the child is rolled up tightly, count to three and quickly pull on the loose end of the towel so that the child rolls rapidly out of the towel. We do this on the sofa bed, so it’s quite safe. My boys just love it….you can give it a try with your girls…on these long hot days it’s always a challenge to keep them from getting bored.

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