What a car accident can teach you about yourself


As I write this, I’m practicing the deep breathing yoga taught me. I’m trying not to panic as I do the past six months’ filing and try to get a grip on my life.

Everything seemed to be going well this morning. The girls weren’t up too early, we took advantage of the cool breeze outside and went out to the dvd rental shop to get a couple of new films, stopped to buy a few groceries and popped by at one of the coffee shops in the village square to have a quick breakfast before going back home for Robin’s nap.

Then we had a car accident.

Luckily, none of us were hurt but the car needs to have some works done. I had to have my parents come pick up the girls from the accident scene as the paperwork took over an hour to sort out and that’s when I started realising how incredibly disorganised I’ve become. To start with, I had neither driving licence nor insurance policy with me. All I could find in the car were children’s books, nursery rhymes CDs and biscuit crumbs.

Now I’m back home and while going through the filing I’ve discovered other things which need to be seen to and which I had totally forgotten about. I’m blushing while writing this but coming clean here might push me into getting things in order. I had some fun posts planned and was looking forward to spending some more time writing this week but it would seem that blogging has to take the back seat yet again.

PS – This accident also served as a reminder of how nosey people tend to be on this island. I had no less than six persons walking up to me to ask me what had happened exactly. Others slowed down while driving past, examining the accident scene like it was their job. I have a feeling my kids and I are the talk of the village today.



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  1. As long as you and the kids are ok, that’s the most important thing! x

  2. I’m glad to hear that you and the girls are ok!

  3. Let ’em talk. You’ll be old news by tomorrow. I’m sorry that you all had a rough day, but thankful all is well.

    As I type I have a pile of paper threatening to fall on my head. Maybe I’ll jump in and join you……or not. 🙂

    hugs ~

  4. Glad that you are all O.K. I also have a to-do list that shames me a little. Wishing you speedy organizing skills!

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