I’ve written about  twenty posts in my head since the last time I actually wrote anything here but that’s where they remained. In my head.

This is the first time I’m sitting at the computer since my last post and I’m only doing so because there are NO CHILDREN in the house. Maia is playing at our friends’ house and Robin is at my parents, being cooed over and fed every five minutes or so. I am supposed to be resting in a bid to get rid of the general feeling of lousiness that has been dogging me for the past week, but I’m catching up on the husband’s emails and my paperwork instead. At least I’m not using my voice, which I hope will mean I’ll sound female by the time the husband comes back from work tonight (my throat is in flames as I write this).

Since I couldn’t possibly remember all we’ve been up to these past two weeks, I’ll share with you some photos which summarise the bulk of it. Here goes:

These two have become even closer, if that was possible to start with. Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing them hug each other.
I probably wasn’t clear earlier this month, but Robin is now a toddler. She is walking! What started as a few tentative steps a couple of weeks ago has now become an excuse to show off her balancing skills every few seconds.
She has also done a lot of growing recently and I’m not referring to her height or weight. She understands simple commands like when I ask her to go wake up Maia or to get a new book or one of her toys. She ‘reads’ a lot. It usually sounds like this: “Mamamama oohh…mamama…mama…mamamama”. Her vocabulary is still very very limited, but she’s a very good communicator nonetheless.
Swimming has been limited to the occasional evening dip in the sea, just before dinnertime. The facts that the husband is being worked to the bone and that jellyfish can’t get enough of our beaches don’t help.
Maia is still swimming at least twice a week, when she has swimming lessons next to my parents’ house. She has really improved this past month. She can now swim without the use of armbands or noodles and spends a lot of her time diving underwater. I’m very proud of her.
These two girls have been stuck at the hip for the past two weeks. On the odd day when one of them has to be on the other island, Skype playdates are organised so they can share any summer club gossip she would have missed and they can think of new dance routines. Speaking of dancing, I’m also very proud of Maia for the excellent results she got for her ballet exams! I can see her name written in lights already!
Maia has developed a slight obsession with Design Mom‘s children. If you haven’t seen their episodes on Olive Us, do so and you’ll know why they are played on a loop by Maia whenever she’s allowed to use the iPad!
This pretty girl has finally had a haircut. We usually go for a shorter bob every summer, but she wanted her hair to match her best friend’s so she kept it a little longer this time. Girls.
We’ve been attacking the man of the house with hugs and kisses whenever we catch a glimpse of him, even if his eyes are bloodshot and he’s trying to go to sleep after working for 24 hours. Happily, he never refuses hugs.

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