This love

You know the tears you feel streaming down your face when you’re alone with your newborn baby and you can’t go to sleep because you just cannot stop wondering at the beauty of her? And how the smell of her skin will always be familiar to you and take you back to those first few hours of her life? And how you get to know every single pore of her soft cheeks? And how you are quite sure you have caressed every single hair on her head at some point or other?

That…that’s what the love I feel for these two girls feels like. It’s bigger than me and it keeps growing every day. One day it will swallow me up.

Disclaimer: It’s that time of the month so 70% of the above was dictated by my hormones. The rest was all me.

(Photos taken by the husband)



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  1. What a perfect and lovely description of maternal love. That’s how feel for my boy, to a T.

  2. Your words made me cry. It´s so difficult to put into words all that love

  3. Reblogged this on Island Fairy and commented:

    I just came across this old post from two years ago. My feelings have only grown deeper and soon they’ll have to expand to include another person. I cannot wait…

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