Instagram inspiration – Enjoying the Small Things

I’ve written many times about my love of Instagram and I also mentioned what a lot of inspirational people there are on there but I never quite explained why they inspire me.

Let me start by introducing you to one of the Instagrammers I discovered a few weeks ago and you might understand better. She’s a well-known blogger called Kelle Hampton and she even wrote a book, but I had never come across her blog until a person I follow on Instagram tagged her in a photo and I visited her feed (her Instagram name is etst). She is mum to two girls and is now expecting a third baby. Nothing remarkable, you say. Well, it just so happens that her second daughter (Nella) is a very special child and if you visit her blog you will know just why.

The first post I read on her blog was Nella’s birth story and I wept while reading it. My family kept coming up to me to check whether I was ok and all I could do was smile through my tears and assure them that I was. I couldn’t put in words how moving that story was and how it completely changed the way I look at children with Down Syndrome. I know that some of you might shy away from this blog precisely because it involves a person with special needs, but I urge you to take a peek. This girl and her family have taught me that the number of chromosomes in a person’s body are irrelevant, which is something I already knew but seeing the love that this little girl carries with her wherever she goes really hammered the point home.

If you’re on Instagram, look her up. If not, you can still view photos and ‘like’ them or comment on them through websites like Webstagram. While you’re at it, visit her blog Enjoying the Small Things and be inspired. I know I am.

photo by kelle hampton (


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