How we cope

Yesterday I told you about the misery that was last weekend. Part of the reason was my feeling unwell and the other (bigger) part was not having my little ones at home with me all the time. As much as I yearn for some peace and quiet sometimes (okay, most of the time), I really do miss them when they’re not with me. So I usually comfort myself by eating (not ideal) or by going through their things, sniffing their clothes as I go along. It sounds weird, but it really makes me feel better.

The husband, on the other hand, resorts to photography. This weekend he stopped editing weddings many times, just so he could go through recent photos he took of the girls. These are some that he posted on his blog and that make my heart ache with love whenever I look at them:

You can see them in full size if you click on them. And there’s more HERE.


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