Crazy days

These are some crazy CRAZY days. There’s a lot going on and some of it concerns Island Fairy. It’s very exciting but I wish I had more time to soak it all in and enjoy it.

It’s only August, but tomorrow’s national holiday marks the start of the countdown till school starts again, at least in my books. So far I have bought Maia’s schoolbooks and some stationery but we’re missing a very important piece of equipment (or accessory)…the backpack. She’s been using a Quechua backpack for two years now and never once complained that it didn’t sport a cartoon character on it or the ubiquitous Hello Kitty. It’s still in very good shape but, understandably, she is now asking for a new backpack.

The problem is that she’s adamant it should be a Charlie and Lola bag, which doesn’t seem to exist in the size she needs it to be. She still uses the smaller one we had got a couple of years ago for play dates, carrying snacks or toys when we go out and for summer club but it’s just too small for school. So that’s an item on my shopping list which is giving me some grief.

I am also starting to think about various ideas for school lunches. I try to avoid sandwiches as much as possible but last year I ran out of steam the last couple of months when almost every lunch consisted of some variety of bread. This is one fun idea I’ll be stealing and it can also be used with different fruits and creating different characters:

image via Liz Stanley on Pinterest

PS – If any of you kind readers knows whether a large Charlie and Lola backpack exists, please drop me a line! 



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  1. Yea for Maia and her awesome mama!

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