Julia’s 100th


Have you seen Google’s picture for today? Isn’t it the best?

Today would have been Julia Child‘s 100th birthday, so the illustration is dedicated to her. I love the way Google reminds its users about the day’s anniversary or events and today’s picture is perfectly Julia Child.

I have to admit I had never heard of the famous chef before the film Julie and Julia. After watching it, I read up about her and was fascinated by her zest for life and her down to earth approach to life (and cooking). I will never reach her level of culinary excellence but I strive to have at least a fraction of her enthusiasm in everything I do.




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  1. I *love* google doodles and get really annoyed when I miss a good one lol x

  2. I too love how Google changes depending on events. I use Google+ and now whenever I sign into Google on my birthday, the Google picutre is of balloons and if you hover your computer mouse over it, it tells me Happy Birthday Angela! Haha, it made my day on my birthday this year lol.

    I’d def heard of Julia Child before the movie- always found her a little odd but she did have a zest for life and cooking. The movie was cute!

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