Embrace the camera 16th August 2012

I haven’t embraced the camera in a while and after reading Emily’s post today I felt a little guilty (what’s new?). She’s right. I am always postponing being in a photo because my hair is a mess, I’m not wearing makeup, I’m wearing scruffy clothes…there’s always a reason why I can’t be in a photo with my children. And so time passes, years go by and what will they have to remind them of how I looked when they were little? Nothing.

So today I’m posting a photo I took yesterday with Robin. Maia was out for the afternoon and Robin was nursing a fever. That didn’t deter her from eating for three and devour a whole banana after lunch. The girl is insatiable.

She doesn’t talk yet but calls bananas Baa. She loves her Baas! 😀


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  1. Oh my goodness, I want to kiss that baby! Adorable!

  2. i can totally relate to your writing – i too am a heat hating mum of 2 tinies – a 3yr old and a 5mnt old.i can’t count the times i have jumped out of a photo cos i look like, well, an unkept mum of 2 tinies.plus, now we have a new worry (crows feet, but thats another story).once you wrote something about a lopsided boob moment that had me in tears.please please keep writing-remember we may not comment but we are here!!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, rowena! I hope they were tears of laughter! As for being in photos, I love seeing those of my parents when we were young, even the ones where they’re wearing house clothes. It’s not easy letting go of our vanity but the kids won’t care whether our hair was brushed when they look back at our photos.

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